About Fudgy Gaming

This website is for Fudgy's Unturned servers. The site allows players to buy new kits and ranks on the servers. Once you pay for a kit or a rank you will have it forever across all servers! You can have multiple kits to use and can be bought here. The site and servers are run by Fudgy, the one currently typing all this.

Our Team

This section is to thank people who helped create the servers.


Spring has been amazing with setting up the server and doing the coding. Join his awesome server: (Springs RP).


Nipples of justice. FishNipples helped when it came to organizing kits on the server, giving ideas and being an admin!


NIGHTPATROL was great for giving me tips on how to run an Unturned server and providing lots of information.


Shu has been great with doing the coding and helping with commands. Check out his dope server here: (Shu's RP). 

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