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  • Mike Serna
    2 days ago
  • edster3216
    3 days ago

    IGN (In Game Name): FereN Age: 15 Country: United States of America Timezone: Central Standard Time Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198236657904 Do you have a working microphone?: Yes. Steam 64 ID: 76561198236657904 How long have you been playing on Fudgy Gaming: around 2000 hours. If accepted, how much time a day can you spend on the server?: I normally already spend 5-6 hours a day on the DarkRP server. What do you think you can achieve becoming a staff member? As a staff member I believe i will be able to counteract people "rdming" and be able to help solve more cases in the server since you would have less unresolved reports because you guys would have an extra helping hand. Doing this I think together we could all achieve a healthier and happier community from new players to old. Why do you want to become a staff member?: I want to be a Staff member because I want to make a dif(feren)ce. (pun intended) I know as a Staff member I can really help everyone with problems around the server because I will be extremely dedicated to resolving these cases so we can just have a nicer community. (yes I know this is practically the same as the last one, but you get the point) Previous server moderation or leadership experience(aka staff experience): 1 year of TangoWorldWide Moderation experience. What would you do if someone is caught Safezone camping?: I ask them what they are doing, (make sure they were aware they were in a safe) if not warn them, if they keep doing them I would kick/ban for around 15 min. Anything extra details you want us to know about yourself?: No not really, everything I wanted to say has already been said Requirements to become a staff member! You must not have been banned in the past months. (Some exceptions might be made, not less that 6 months). ✓ You must have a working and good quality microphone. I have a blue yeti microphone so I hope so lmao. ✓ You must be above 13 years old. ✓ You need at least 300 hours at the game. ✓ (completed on my other account
  • rahmikud
    Nov 3

    for many players the futuristic juggernaut kit is 2 OP
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