Sep 7, 2018

Ban appeal



  • Steam Name Y3llLoUd

  • Steam 64 ID 76561198798390439

  • Reason for ban I think for punching people in a safezone (when I try to join it says "Unspecified reason")

  • Why you should get unbanned: Well, first of all, I've read the rulles in Tacoma safe zone and there is nothing against Punching People. So, I just wanted to visit gold race safe zone and when I got there, I went to a staff with a gun store to sell my gun and I accidentally punched someone, then the staff teleported me to Tacoma and I asked him why did you teleport me back. And he said: you broke the rules of a safe zone. And I asked what rule did I break? And he said it was for punching people, but, the rules in Tacoma dont say anything about punching, but he said that in Tacoma you can punch people but at Gold you can not punch anybody, and this is why I think I was falsely banned. Nobody told me that there are different rulles in other safezones. Also a random guy says after "Griefing is punching, so you also can't punch in Tacoma" and even the staff agrees. It's like 5 minutes ago he didn't say "In Tacoma you can punch people but in Gold Race not". Aaaand then he banned me.

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