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Sep 30, 2017

I don't think I deserve to get banned.

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Ok,my story might look different for you,but in my opinion i did not do something wrong:

So one day i am in the server,i saw two people stading right next to a tree in Seattle,

it seems like they are very geared,and there is stuff on the floor,and i am curious about

what are they doing,so i just took one thing from the floor,at that milisecond i got banned from

the server,i fell like everybody hates me in this world...


i don't understand why would i get banned,i just picked up one random item and i

just got banned? I expected a reason that got me banned,or let me free again,

i realy hope that i can join this server again,and i promise wont kill any body expect selfdefense.


To Fudgy or monither

i expected an answer

Thank you.



PS:i dont even think you will read it cuz there i thousands of ppl asking exact same quetions


My Unturned name is KaJohnRay

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