Spencer Hurley
Sep 3, 2018

Jennifer Aniston


Steam Name: Jennifer Aniston

Steam 64: 76561198121964128 Reason for ban: safezone camping

Why I should be unbanned: I feel that I was wrongfully accused, or just unaware of the rules. I got in trouble when I first joined the server for safezone camping when I was lying on a hill with a sniper waiting for people to leave. I was told not to do that by Pork. The second time I chased after people who left safezone and shot them all, not taking anything they had. I feel that pork unfairly banned me because A: he only warned me once, B: He told me not to stay outside with a sniper, and C: he did not provide any information as to why I was getting banned and for how long. Just a straight up perma ban on my first ban. I would also like to note that I've never been kicked, temp-banned or even warned except that once.

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