Audrone Pargaliauskiene
Aug 5, 2017

My ban Appeal


Edited: Aug 10, 2017

mmickk1 or Rapist CSGONECRO.COM

Steam id 64:76561198299672575

The ban was unspecified

I feel like i deserve getting unbanned becouse i didnt even do anything i thas found youre server and started logging in. I never knew about youre server and thas found it today. For some reason i got banned for a really long time about 1 year. For nothing i didnt even join youre server . So i feel like it was not fair.

Here i will put the screenshot .

With love youre new player.

Sep 7, 2018

did you get unbanned yet?

Dylan Carter-Pinto
Dec 30, 2018

Is it because of your name?

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