Oct 4, 2017

Please Unban Me i was wrongfully banned


Steam Name: Jock

Steam 64 ID 76561197961704712

Reson for ban: Mass Kos

i was banned by vortex because i hit him as i was running away from a guy trying to rob me and i was sprint jumping and hiting the air and vortex tp to me out of now were and i hit him and he said that was kos when i did not even kill him. just saying he was baned him self for abusing his power so its like it never happend and he banned me for over 9 years and he did not give me a second chanse. thank you for reading this and i was only banned on Fudgy Gaming 2

Oct 11, 2017


no one has read this and done anything about it i am starting to think that the staff dont look on here.

Oct 11, 2017

i have bin banned for 3 months and they still wont let me on the server:-(


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