Feb 1

Sebner's Ban Appeal



Steam Name Sebner In Game Name (At the moment of the ban) Sebner Steam 64 ID 76561198401913299 Reason for ban safezone camping Staff member that banned you Icey Why you should be unbanned Hey, So i recently got banned and i got told to write an appeal, so here i am, basically i walked out of Kent safezone and walked up to a bunch of guys talking, they looked stacked so i killed them and didnt hesitate to so, i was then later on told that you cant KOS within 250 mtrs of a safezone & found out it was an admin sit, for all i knew it was just some guys in a group, i got banned for safezone camping allthough when i went back into the safezone after i killed him i didnt realise i was going back into it as i was more focused on killing the other 2 guys who ran into the safezone, i will ensure you that this will not happen again, i can totally understand if you dont want to revoke the ban but i just think i should have another chance, i can return all items that i picked up from the guy i killed. Hopefully we can resolve this issue, as i really do enjoy playing on this server. thanks(edited)

! Sebner#6278

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