Jan 4

Falsely Banned on the Discord by Ruev



This isn't exactly a player report on the server, Ruev, a discord administrator falsely banned me.

I was having some fun, I made a joke application, I don't blame him for kicking me for that but after I came back and asked why he kicked me. Then, he banned me. Apparently, I was using "offensive language" when I never said anything racist, offensive or any cuss words. He also banned me for talking in staff applications, when I didn't I made a application that was a joke, it isn't talking. Actually, he talked in there. Not me. So, I'm pretty sure he falsely banned me, I understand a kick, but a warn, mute, kick and ban isn't necessary. Please, unban me since I've done mostly nothing wrong.

Mar 11


May 22

Let’s make an effort to get the admin banned

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  • kbl2
    Nov 3

    I would like to report the fact that "Elf" from the sad clan safe zone camped me as I was swimming to Rain bridge Island and got shot by a PDW from up above on the bridge. Then I died and I said why he safe zone camped me and stated that he was coming to the safe zone so it didn't matter. Then left after I was explaining that it was against the rules. His steam name is " Lonely_Thing " His steam URL is "https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lonely_Things" Thanks for your time -Papa Smokes
  • Gio X
    Sep 29

    This server is prety good but the admins are abusing players. Let me explain that. My base was raided and i died when i respawned an admin took me not sure why he said sth about my fading door and then he used the command /return but he returned me back into my base and then he told me i was braking NLR and i was warned for that. Another example is that we were gatting raided again but the thieves did not advert and we were also still building but they cam in destroyed everything, then my friend called an admin to help us and he was literally watching them destroying our base and he just said that cuz we didnt have a buidling sign they had the right to raid us. i mean ok but they still did not advert. So my friend got angry and he yelled a bit and they banned him for 5 DAYS........5 DAYS. After that i called again for an admin to tell him what happened and just beacuse i didnt like his decision he banned me for 5 DAYS TOO.FIVE DAYS BUN BECAUSE WE JUST COMPLAINED.Please i have the name of that guy please do sth(name:BBC Justin)I mean the server is good but these admins are really bad. If you do sth i will happily join the server but these admins just ruined the server for me.
  • gaming tv
    Sep 24
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