{KoB Assasin}II_MuHd_II
Oct 29, 2017

{KoB Assasin}II_MuHd_II's Staff Application


Edited: Oct 29, 2017

Steam Profile URL:



Age: 13


Time spent on Unturned:

670 hours and on going, I play 2-4 hours on weekends, and 2-3 hours on weekdays. In some occasions my studies get in the way but it occurs very rarely as i have learned to be mature and disciplined.


Why I would make a good Staff Member/Moderator

Greetings, my name is II_MuHd_II and I am here to join the staff and help or edit the server anyway i possibly can. I want to make these server the Ultimate Unturned experience, my plan is too expand ideas around the community what i mean by ideas is that i want to express my thoughts around the community or what the server needs or could use, and to expand these ideas i mean tell other people in the servers and see what they think of it or maybe they could add on something onto my idea to create a huge ball of thoughts, ideas, plans and what i want to do is bust that ball open and spread these ideas, plans, thoughts through out the community, so its a fresh new start for every new member of the fudge community, I want to encourage people with their ideas and thoughts, no one should stay silent, maybe someone else likes their idea and we could make a whole new adjustment/addition to the community.


So one of my ideas are hosting interesting events in the servers, like racing car events, capture the flag, defend the city. So maybe someone will listen to my ideas and expand/express these ideas through out the community and by spreading these ideas i could do a voting poll in the server or on the website on how the servers can be improved, which events to hold up. By this I want every one to enjoy their time on the servers. I also want to get rid of toxic players in the servers and community so everyone dosent have to face problems against difficult and toxic people.


I am applying for Moderator, then hopefully make my way up to be an admin. I am usually calm and working on self- actualization so anger does not take over my body. I have had a warning before on the server where i KOS someone but now I have learnt the rules of the server solidly and I will not break them again.


For the beginners/ new players who just started playing unturned or joined out community,

I want to be their guide on how do to specific or difficult things like help them build bases, How the shops and Roleplay's work. I would also want to work with admins and moderators to help build shops, help them with glitched bases, toxic people and etc.


I have never been banned on any Unturned Server. I have had experience on how to be an admin, moderator before. I had played on other unturned Servers called UnturnedBeast where i had experience with helping admins and working with them. A server called Zombielord where i have had experience being an admin and how to control specific situations. I also used to be a small helper on a Minecraft server but obviously I dont play Minecraft anymore. Lol


-Language: Communication wise

English: 9.5/10

French: 6.5/10

Spanish: 4/10

Arabic: 6/10

Swedish: 3/10


-Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198231976868/


-Steam 64 ID: 76561198231976868



UK UTC+00:00


If there is anyone who wants to contact me:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/muhammadrmn070

Gmail: muhammadrmn070@gmail.com


Thanks, Sorry this was so long I just wanted to make the best of this application.





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