Kit Includes:

  • BountyHunter Class Top
  • BountyHunter Class Bottom
  • BountyHunter Class Vest
  • BountyHunter Class Helmet
  • BountyHunter Futuristic Visor
  • Diver Class Diving Tank
  • FSMG-S
  • FSMG-S Magazine x4
  • FR-I
  • FR-I Magazine x4
  • Black Smoke Grenade x2
  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • MRE
  • Medkit x2


Command: /kit bounty

Bounty Hunter

£7.99 Regular Price
£6.39Sale Price
  • Takedown the criminals and be rewarded!


    It could take up to 24 hours for your purchase to be put through as your Steam ID has to be manually put into the system.

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