Server IP & Port:


KOS is allowed, Killin in the safezone is not - Please check the map for the no-kill zone.
Building is allowed but not in the no-build zone. The No-Build zone is the same zone as the No-Kill Zone.

Be respectful - Don't upset other players and treat them how you would like to be treated.

Unfortunately, if you're found breaking rules you may be banned from the server by staff. We don't want to ban anyone, believe me, it's the last thing we want to do, but we will if we have to.
Please check the ingame warps for the full list or rules or check the discord!


Server Information:

24/7 - Server is always up (unless doing maintenance)

40 Slots - Possibly getting more servers in the near future

Currency - Sell and buy items in-game with other players

Mods - Likely to add more mods and change them

Kits - You don't have to buy a kit to roleplay

Map - Fudgy's Pei, edited by K0ff


🢂  Fudgy
🢂  L9 Robin, Lorenzo Soprano
Head Administrators:
🢂  L9 Killua
🢂  Soul, Ruev
Trial Administrators :
🢂  None
Head Moderator:

🢂  K0ff/Flame_l0w
🢂  No Pain, Piewolf, Gtsmek, Zushi, Bruh
Trial Moderators:

🢂  Pegasus, Icey


Current mods:

The Survivor Pack, More Farming Mod, Nordic Armory 2.0, The Admin Mod, SMD FW 2019, Creator Tools, Hawaii Assets, Dango,
Soprano Gear, California Assets, Larger Lockers Mod, Wood Building Assets, Special Forces Pack, Freighterpack Mod, Furniture Expansion, Fudgy Washington 3, Pei Edited By K0ff.

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