No kos (kill on sight) - The server has areas which killing is allowed, you can see the areas on the map below.

Be respectful - Don't upset other players and treat them how you would like to be treated.

Unfortunately, if you're found breaking rules you may be banned from the server by staff. We don't want to ban anyone, believe me, it's the last thing we want to do, but we will if we have to.


Server Information:

24/7 - Server is always up (unless doing maintenance)

40 Slots - Possibly getting more servers in the near future

Currency - Sell and buy items in-game with other players

Mods - Likely to add more mods and change them

Kits - You don't have to buy a kit to roleplay

Map - Washington


Current mods:

Letgalian's Furniture

Dank Hackpacks and More!

Oldie Sidearm Pack

XtremelyEvil Vanilla Weapons Mod

Nicklies` Modern Warfare Mod



🢂 Fudgy
🢂 Lorenzo Soprano, Robin
Head Administrators:
🢂  Ruev
🢂  TrashBoi, MrDuck, Soul, Pegasus, Killua
Head Moderator:
🢂 Tabasco
Trial Administrators :
🢂 Maro Soprano, Daniel
🢂 !Screamingant, Greenman, No_pain_no_game, Piewolf

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